About Us


We Practice Mediation For Win-Win Situation.

PKODR is a new concept in mediation.

PKODR is not a Rule of Law. Our mediators are not here to judge or make judgement against any party. PKODR only provides mediation services. We facilitate mediators. We love to reduce footprints in courts.

Our aim is to reduce traffic and your time in the court. We are also focus to educate our clients to refrain from revenge attitude and situation. Our goal is to close issues on human grounds rather than on confrontation grounds.

When claimant submits case online by signing up on our portal; they can select the mediator by own choice or PKODR will select for our clients. Claimant will only speak to one mediator to resolve issues.

We use technology to resolve disputes. It's easy to use PKODR.

The first step is to signup. To get started you need to fill complete name, mobile number, email and user id. You will then select your user type.

If you are a claimant or defendant, then select customer either as a civil or commercial.

Civil cases involved inheritance, family, and rent Commercial cases list is vast.

After sign up; the case submission is handling sevreal things for our clients. Client's can book an appointment, choose service category and disputed amount.

Claimant will also enter defendant's party information such as name, email, mobile number and address.

You can write your case in as much detail as you need. In the end, you can choose mediator or PKODR will pick a mediator for you.

PKODR Support is always available. You can email us at support@pkodr.com at any time. You can request us for reset of your password.

There may be a bug that needs to resolve. Please don't hesitate to email us. We are much faster on email rather than taking technical calls.

We would love your feedbacks. Please email us with your suggestions.