Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy

Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PKODR) believe that if you are making a complaint about a service, you have a right to be heard, understood and respected. Our service is independent and impartial and we work hard to be open and accessible.

However, the behaviour or actions of some users of our services can make it very difficult for us to deal with their complaint, as their conduct can go beyond what is acceptable. In a small number of cases, behaviour is unacceptable because it involves abuse of our staff or the way we work. When this happens, we must take action to protect our staff. We also have to consider the effect of this behaviour on our ability to do our work and provide a service to others. This policy explains how we will deal with these situations.

Recording of Chat Sessions, IP, Location, and Browser Information

  • PKODR’s Mediation usually ends before thirty (30) calendar days.
  • PKODR keeps record of your chat sessions for thirty (30) calendar days.
  • PKODR moderate all the chats and records.
  • PKODR records complete chat sessions, IP addresses, Location, and Browser Information

Face-To-Face Meetings and Telephone Calls

  • PKODR aim to reduce footprints in Pakistani courts.
  • PKODR goal is to resolve dispute in a professional manner.
  • PKODR is offering service online. Face-To-Face meetings with our staff and mediators are not allowed and will not entertained at PKODR corporate office.
  • Telephone calls are not allowed since the result of the mediation will be notified to the parties online via email sent from

Aggression, rudeness, abuse and threats of violence towards staff and mediators

Unreasonable behaviour (including aggression, rudeness, abuse and threats of violence) will not be tolerated. Anyone displaying such behaviour can be told that a chat session will be terminated unless more moderate language is used, that threats are unacceptable and may be reported to the police, that rude and intemperate correspondence may not be answered or may be returned, or that special contact arrangements will be implemented.

  • Aggression, rudeness, abuse and threats of violence against staff and mediators;
  • Use of foul language is not allowed;
  • Excessive or unreasonable levels of contact with, or harassment of, our staff or mediators; and
  • Making unreasonable demands from our staff or mediators.

Unreasonable levels of contact or harassment of staff and a mediator

If unreasonable or persistent levels of contact with staff occur, PKODR is ready to say ‘no’. For example, PKODR can advise that a complaint will not be considered any further, an unproductive chat session will be terminated, or no further correspondence in relation to the complaint will be answered. The consumer may be advised that their complaint is best dealt with in another forum.

More Time on Complaint

If a consumer repeatedly raises issues and insists that more time be spent on a complaint than is warranted or directs PKODR on how to handle the complaint, PKODR will consider these demands to be unreasonable.

Staff and Mediator Process

Any staff or mediator who directly experiences aggressive or abusive behaviour has the authority to deal with it immediately in a way they consider appropriate and in line with this policy.

  • This may include ending or refusing to accept chat sessions.
  • Our staff and mediators will tell one of our senior managers about any behaviour they consider unacceptable.
  • The manager may authorise further action, including restricting any future contact from you to written correspondence only, or as a last resort deciding to have no further contact with you.