Civil Disputes

Civil Disputes

Laws are complicated. A common man may understand the complications of the laws. However, it requires time and patience. No wonder, lawyers have to go through extensive training and pass the Bar exam.

Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PKODR) aims to reduce the footprints in the courts. High traffic at courts means long queue to resolve your case by the court. In addition, the costs goes up excessively.

Civil Inheritance


Disputes according to Islamic (Sharia)


Child Custody

Every child need parents love

Civil Alimony


Safeguard your child's future

Civil Separation


These are family related disputes

Civil Divorce


These are family related disputes

Civil Rent


Tenant law covers rental issues

A comparison of factors involved in cases between Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution and courts can be seen below.

  • Fee of several types such as court’s fee, lawyer’s fee, documentation fee, etc.
  • Transportation fee
  • Time duration of investigation of the case
Factors PKODR Courts
Court’s Fee None Depends on which type of court
Lawyer’s Fee None Depends on the experience
Documentation Fee None Depends on the cases
Transportation Fee None Travel to and from the court
Mediator’s Fee Depends on the Disputed Amount None
Time Duration of Dispute Resolution 3-Days More than 3-Days

Pakistan Online Dispute Resolution (PKODR) offers following services in Civil Disputes.

  • Inheritance

PKODR covers inheritance disputes according to Islamic Principles (Sharia).

  • Family
    • Child Custody
    • Maintenance
    • Separation
    • Divorce

PKODR covers above areas in family related disputes. You can ask about rights and liabilities in Pakistan Family Law.

  • Rent

Tenant law covers rental issues.